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Planning your safari
This section of Safari Patrol may help you choose between safari tours. This page is a brief introduction. More specific information is found by following the other links on this menu.

An abundance of different safari tours to Kenya and Tanzania are offered by travel companies around the world. It may be hard telling a better tour from a worse, as the itineraries may look quite similar; many tours visit the same parks, and the brochures and web sites show pictures of the same animals.

Tours to Kenya and Tanzania
The Kenyan and Tanzanian safari industries are quite well developed. There are safari tours catering for most visitors, including families, singles and elderly. No language skills are necessary on tours that include a tour leader speaking your own language. Few lodges, tented camps or hotels have adaptations to guests in wheelchairs.

Map of northern Tanzania.Arusha Airport (ARK/HTAR)Kilimanjaro National Park Arusha  National Park Lake Manyara National Park Serengeti National Park Ngorongoro Conservation Area Tarangire National Park Ngorongoro Conservation AreaSerengeti National ParkMasai Mara National Reserve (Kenya)Lake Manyara  National ParkTarangire National ParkArusha  National ParkKilimanjaro National ParkNairobi  National Park (Kenya)Amboseli National Reserve (Kenya)Lake EyasiLake NatronLake VictoriaKilimanjaro International Airport (JRO/HTKJ)Lake Magadi (Kenya)
Northern Tanzania.

Tanzania better, Kenya less expensive
Our opinion is that Tanzania is the better safari destination of the two, considering wildlife, scenery, park sizes, travel distances, safari concept, and safari and wilderness atmosphere. Kenya has the advantage of lower prices (tours to Kenya cost roughly 10 % less than those to Tanzania).

Both countries have good safari parks. Visiting the parks below, you are certain to se a lot of wildlife.

Choosing a safari tour in Kenya or Tanzania
Combine Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru for many animals and chances to see the Big Five. Go from August to October to see the migration.
You may include additional parks, if you wish. Samburu/Shaba and Mount Kenya are included in many itineraries.
Combine Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater for many animals and good chances to see the Big Five. Go from December to June to see the migration, but avoid rainy April and May.
You may include additional parks, if you wish. Lake Manyara and Tarangire (best from August to October) are included in many itineraries.

Map of central Kenya.Lake NaivashaAberdare National ParkSamburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs National ReserveMount Kenya National ParkLake Nakuru National ParkMasai Mara National ReserveSerengeti  National Park (Tanzania)Hells's Gate National ParkMount Longonot National ParkLake Bogoria National ReserveLake BaringoLake MagadiNairobi National ParkOl Doinyo Sapuk National ParkMwea National ReserveMeru National ParkLaikipia National ReserveThe Laikipia PlateauLake VictoriaKakamega Forest National ReserveMasai Mara National ReserveLake Nakuru National ParkSamburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs National ReserveMount Kenya National ParkJomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO/HKJK)
Central Kenya.

Other safari countries
Safari Patrol is mainly focused on safaris in Kenya and Tanzania, and the general content on this site applies to these two countries.

There are also other countries in Africa where safari tours are offered. The list below outlines these, together with Kenya and Tanzania, for comparison.

Good safari parks. Many small parks. Good for cats. Migration in Masai Mara from August to October. Many visitors. Shortest flight time from Europe and Asia.

Prime safari parks. Large parks. Good for cats. Migration in Serengeti from December to June. Many visitors. Home to Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar.

Safaris and self-drive expeditions. Both semi-deserts (Kalahari) and huge wetlands (Okavango). Prices high. Few visitors.

Scenic. Some safari parks (including Etosha).

Mountain gorillas. Gorilla parks easy to reach.

South Africa
Combining cities, scenery, golf, wine and safari. Good for self-drive safaris. Good for rhinos. Many small parks, some large (including Kruger). Many visitors.

Mountain gorillas. Some safari parks.

Safaris. Good walking safaris. Undeveloped infrastructure. Large parks (including Kafue and South Luangwa). Much poaching in remote parks. Few visitors.

Two lionesses.
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