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Mt. Kilimanjaro two-horned chameleon (Chamaeleo tavetanus).
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Scared of snakes?
It is rare seeing snakes on East African safaris. Most snakes try to get out of your way when they notice you, so they are gone before you have a chance seeing them.
Most East African snakes are not venomous, but there are highly venomous ones, too, and you should stay at distance from any snake that you can't identify as harmless. Most venoms are too weak to kill humans, and some really venomous snakes are known never to bite, as they are very shy.
Dangerous reptiles
Venomous snakes, rock pythons and Nile crocodiles are the only East African reptiles dangerous to humans. All lizards, turtles and tortoises are harmless (unless they are big and can bite you), as well as most snakes. There are no poisonous frogs.
The probably most dangerous snakes are the puff adder, which doesn't avoid you but relies on its camouflage, and the black mamba, which is aggressive and ready to bite. Both have very strong venom.
Books on wildlife
There are good books in English covering the East African wildlife. There are books on mammals, birds, reptiles etc.
More about wildlife books
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Wildlife & nature:
List: Reptiles of East Africa
The species list below contains names of reptiles found in East Africa. If you are interested in learning more about these reptiles, we recommend A field guide to the reptiles of East Africa by Spawls, Howell, Drewes och Ashe (A & C Black Publishers, 2004), which is one of the main sources to the list. A field guide to the reptiles of East Africa is a comprehensive, nicely illustrated and contemporary book, with special sections on identifying reptiles, venoms, handling snakebites etc.
Name colours:
Green names Venomous, but not deadly
Blue names Venomous, but effects of venom are not known
Red names Venomous and deadly, or deadly because of size
Quick links to orders/suborders:
Chelonians Testudines/Chelonia
   Modern chelonians    Cryptodira
   Side-necked terrapins    Pleurodira
Scaled reptiles Squamata
   Lizards    Sauria
   Worm lizards    Amphisbaenia
   Snakes    Serpentes
   Worm & blind snakes    Scolecophidia
Crocodiles Crocodylia

Tortoises & turtles

Modern chelonians
Land tortoises
Aldabran tortoise Dipsochelys dussumieri
Leopard tortoise Geochelone pardalis
Bell's hinged tortoise Kinixys belliana
Forest hinged tortoise Kinixys erosa
Speke's hinged tortoise Kinixys speckii
Pancake tortoise,
Flat tortoise
Malacochersus tornieri
Sea turtles
Loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta
Green turtle Chelonia mydas
Hawksbill turtle Eretmochelys imbricata
Olive ridley turtle Lepidochelys olivacea
Leatherback turtles
Leatherback turtle Dermochelys coriacea
Soft-shelled turtles
Zambezi flap-shelled turtle, Zambezi soft-shelled turtle Cycloderma frenatum
Nile soft-shelled turtle Trionyx triunguis
Side-necked terrapins
African side-necked terrapins
Helmeted terrapin Pelomedusa subrufa
Adanson's hinged terrapin Pelusios adansoni
Lake Turkana hinged terrapin Pelusios broadleyi
Yellow-bellied hinged terrapin Pelusios castanoides
Congo hinged terrapin Pelusios chapini
Forest hinged terrapin Pelusios gabonensis
Zambian hinged terrapin Pelusios rhodesianus
Serrated hinged terrapin Pelusios sinuatus
Pan hinged terrapin Pelusios subniger
William's hinged terrapin Pelusios williamsi
Scaled reptiles
Madagascan clawless gecko Ebenavia inunguis
Usambara forest gecko Cnemaspis africana
Uluguru forest gecko Cnemaspis barbouri
Dickerson's forest gecko Cnemaspis dickersoni
Elgon forest gecko Cnemaspis elgonensis
Four-lined forest gecko Cnemaspis quattuorseriatus
Udzungwa forest gecko Cnemaspis uzungwae
Barbour's gecko Hemidactylus barbouri
Somali banded gecko Hemidactylus bavazzanoi
Brook's gecko Hemidactylus brooki
Pacific gecko Hemidactylus frenatus
Archer's Post gecko Hemidactylus funaiolii
Uniform-scaled gecko Hemidactylus isolepis
Tropical house gecko Hemidactylus mabouia
Boulenger's gecko Hemidactylus macropholis
Tana river gecko Hemidactylus modestus
Tree gecko Hemidactylus platycephalus
Richardson's forest gecko Hemidactylus richardsoni
Somali plain gecko Hemidactylus robustus
Prince Ruspoli's gecko Hemidactylus ruspolii
Nyika gecko Hemidactylus squamulatus
Dutumi gecko Hemidactylus tanganicus
Ogaden gecko Hemidactylus tropidolepis
Somali-masai clawed gecko Holodactylus africanus
Banded velvet gecko Homopholis fasciata
Angolan dwarf gecko Lygodactylus angolensis
Angulate dwarf gecko Lygodactylus angularis
Broadley's dwarf gecko Lygodactylus broadleyi
Cape dwarf gecko Lygodactylus capensis
Conradt's dwarf gecko Lygodactylus conradti
Bunty's dwarf gecko Lygodactylus grandisoni
Usambara dwarf gecko Lygodactylus gravis
Grzimek's dwarf gecko Lygodactylus grzimeki
Chevron-throated dwarf gecko,
forest dwarf gecko
Lygodactylus gutturalis
Dar es Salaam dwarf gecko Lygodactylus inexpectatus
Kenya dwarf gecko Lygodactylus keniensis
Kim Howell's dwarf gecko Lygodactylus kimhowelli
Side-spotted dwarf gecko Lygodactylus laterimaculatus
Yellow-headed dwarf gecko Lygodactylus luteopicturatus
Mann's dwarf gecko Lygodactylus manni
White-headed dwarf gecko Lygodactylus picturatus
Scheffler's dwarf gecko Lygodactylus scheffleri
Scortecci's dwarf gecko Lygodactylus scorteccii
Somali dwarf gecko Lygodactylus somalicus
Uluguru dwarf gecko Lygodactylus ulugurensis
Copal dwarf gecko Lygodactylus viscatus
Turquoise dwarf gecko Lygodactylus williamsi
Tete thick-toed gecko Pachydactylus tetensis
Tuberculate thick-toed gecko Pachydactylus tuberculosus
Turner's thick-toed gecko Pachydactylus turneri
Pemba day gecko Phelsuma abbotti
Dull-green day gecko Phelsuma dubia
Cross-marked sand gecko Pristurus crucifer
Elegant gecko Stenodactylus sthenodactylus
Uluguru tail-pad gecko Urocotyledon wolterstorffi
Percical's legless skink Acontias percivali
Ocellated skink Chalcides ocellatus
Coral rag skink Cryptoblepharus boutonii
Western serpentiform skink Eumecia anchietae
Western forest limbless skink Feylinia currori
Uganda five-toed skink Leptosiaphos aloysiisabaudiae
Kivu three-toed skink Leptosiaphos blochmanni
Rwanda five-toed skink,
Rwanda four-toed skink
Leptosiaphos graueri
Virunga four-toed skink Leptosiaphos hackarsi
Kilimanjaro five-toed skink Leptosiaphos kilimensis
Ruwenzori four-toed skink Leptosiaphos meleagris
Udzungwa five-toed skink Leptosiaphos rhomboidalis
Peter's writhing skink Lygosoma afrum
Red-flanked skink Lygosoma fernandi
Mabuya-like writhing skink Lygosoma mabuiiformis
Mafia writhing skink Lygosoma mafianum
Pemba writhing skink Lygosoma pembanum
Somali writhing skink Lygosoma somalicum
Sundevall's writhing skink Lygosoma sundevalli
Tana River writhing skink Lygosoma tanae
Bayon's skink Mabuya bayoni
Boulenger's skink Mabuya boulengeri
Ukinga mountain skink Mabuya brauni
Short-necked skink Mabuya brevicollis
Alpine-meadow skink Mabuya irregularis
Speckle-lipped skink Mabuya maculilabris
Rainbow skink Mabuya margaritifer
Grass-top skink,
Long-tailed skink
Mabuya megalura
Tree skink Mabuya planifrons
Five-lined skink Mabuya quinquetaeniata
Striped skink Mabuya striata
Variable skink Mabuya varia
Black limbless skink Melanoseps ater
Udzungwa mountains limbless skink Melanoseps uzungwensis
Long-tailed limbless skink Melanoseps longicauda
Loveridge's limbless skink Melanoseps loveridgei
Rondo limbless skink Melanoseps rondoensis
Blue-tailed snake-eyed skink Panaspis megalurus
Wahlberg's snake-eyed skink Panaspis wahlbergii
Usambara five-toed fossorial skink Proscelotes eggeli
Uluguru fossorial skink Scelotes uluguruensis
Legless sand skink Scolecoseps acontias
Litipo sand skink Scolecoseps litipoensis
Four-toed fossorial skink Sepsina tetradactyla
Multi-scaled forest lizard Adolfus africanus
Alpine-meadow lizard Adolfus alleni
Jackson's forest lizard Adolfus jacksoni
Sparse-scaled forest lizard Adolfus vauereselli
Green keel-bellied lizard Gastropholis prasina
Striped keel-bellied lizard Gastropholis vittata
Neumann's sand lizard Heliobolus neumanni
Speke's sand lizard Heliobolus spekii
Blue-tailed gliding lizard Holaspis guentheri
Angolan rough-scaled lizard Ichnotropis bivittata
Mozambique rough-scaled lizard Ichnotropis squamulosa
Tanzanian rough-scaled lizard Ichnotropis tanganicana
Johnston's long-tailed lizard,
Malawi long-tailed lizard
Latastia johnstoni
Southern long-tailed lizard Latastia longicaudata
Boulenger's scrub lizard Nucrus boulengeri
Ornate scrub lizard Nucrus ornata
Turkana shield-backed ground lizard Philochortus rudolfensis
Peter's sand lizard Pseuderemias striata
Smith's sand lizard Pseuderemias smithii
Girdled lizards & relatives
Highland grass lizard Chamaesaura anguina
Zambian snake lizard,
Zambian grass lizard
Chamaesaura macrolepis
Tropical girdled lizard Cordylus tropidosternum
Masai girdled lizard Cordylus beraduccii
Ukinga girdled lizard Cordylus ukingensis
Spotted flat lizard Platysaurus maculatus
Plated lizards & relatives
Yellow-throated plated lizard Gerrhosaurus flavigularis
Great plated lizard Gerrhosaurus major
Black-lined plated lizard Gerrhosaurus nigrolineatus
Ellenberger's long-tailed seps Tetradactylus ellenbergeri
Eritrean rock agama Acanthocercus annectans
Blue-headed tree agama Acanthocercus atricollis
Black-necked tree agama Acanthocercus cyanogaster
Red-headed rock agama Agama agama
Tropical spiny agama Agama armata
Elementeita rock agama Agama caudospina
Montane rock agama Agama montana
Mozambique agama Agama mossambica
Mwanza flat-headed agama Agama mwanzae
Somali painted agama Agama persimilis
Ruppell's agama Agama ruppelli
Ituri chameleon Chamaeleo adolfifriderici
Angola chameleon Chamaeleo anchietae
Side-striped chameleon Chamaeleo bitaeniatus
Carpenter's chameleon Chamaeleo carpenteri
Usambara three-horned chameleon Chamaeleo deremensis
Flap-necked chameleon Chamaeleo dilepis
Montane side-striped chameleon Chamaeleo ellioti
Mt. Kenya hornless chameleon Chamaeleo excubitor
Usambara two-horned chameleon Chamaeleo fischeri
Poroto three-horned chameleon Chamaeleo fuelleborni
Goetze's chameleon Chamaeleo goetzei
Slender chameleon,
Graceful chameleon
Chamaeleo gracilis
Von Höhnel's chameleon Chamaeleo hoehnelli
Ukinga hornless chameleon Chamaeleo incornutus
Ituri forest chameleon Chamaeleo ituriensis
Jackson's chameleon,
Kikuyu three-horned chameleon
Chamaeleo jacksoni
Ruwnzori three-horned chameleon Chamaeleo johnstoni
Smooth chameleon Chamaeleo laevigatus
Spiny-flanked chameleon Chamaeleo laterispinis
Mt. Marsabit chameleon Chamaeleo marsabitensis
Giant one-horned chameleon Chamaeleo melleri
Malagasy giant chameleon Chamaeleo oustaleti
Uluguru one-horned chameleon Chamaeleo oxyrhinum
Ruwenzori side-striped chameleon Chamaeleo rudis
Mt. Kenya side-striped chameleon Chamaeleo schubotzi
Rosette-nosed chameleon Chamaeleo spinosum
Mt. Kilimanjaro two-horned chameleon Chamaeleo tavetanus
Tubercle-nosed chameleon,
Double-bearded chameleon
Chamaeleo tempeli
Usambara soft-horned chameleon Chamaeleo tenue
Eldama Ravine chameleon Chamaeleo tremperi
Hanang hornless chameleon Chamaeleo uthmoelleri
Werner's three-horned chameleon Chamaeleo werneri
Strange-horned chameleon Chamaeleo xenorhinus
Boulenger's pygmy-chameleon Rhampholeon boulengeri
Beardless pygmy-chameleon Rhampholeon brachyurus
Bearded pygmy-chameleon,
Short-tailed pygmy-chameleon
Rhampholeon brevicaudatus
Kenya pygmy-chameleon Rhampholeon kerstenii
Pitless pygmy-chameleon Rhampholeon nchisiensis
Usambara pitted pygmy-chameleon Rhampholeon temporalis
Uluguru pygmy-chameleon Rhampholeon uluguruensis
White-throated savanna monitor Varanus albigularis
Western savanna monitor Varanus exanthematicus
Nile monitor Varanus niloticus
Forest monitor Varanus ornatus
Worm lizards
Barker's sharp-snouted worm lizard Ancylocranium barkeri
Ionides' sharp-snouted worm lizard Ancylocranium ionidesi
Ewerbeck's round-headed worm lizard Chirindia ewerbecki
Mpwapwa round-headed worm lizard Chirindia mpwapwaensis
Rondo round-headed worm lizard Chirindia rondoensis
Swynnerton's round-headed worm lizard Chirindia swynnertoni
Voi wedge-snouted worm lizard Geocalamus acutus
Mpwapwa wedge-snouted worm lizard Geocalamus modestus
Liwale round-snouted worm lizard Loveridgea ionidesi
Ujiji round-snouted worm lizard Loveridgea phylofiniens
Royal python Python regius
Southern African rock python Python natalensis
Central African rock python Python sebae
Kenya sand boa Eryx colubrinus
Typical snakes
Blanding's tree snake Boiga blandingii
Powdered tree snake Boiga pulverulenta
Red and black striped snake Bothropthalmus lineatus
Pale-headed forest snake Buhoma depressiceps
Uluguru forest snake Buhoma procterae
Usambara forest snake Buhoma vauerocegae
Ituri banded snake Chamaelycus fasciatus
Flowered racer Coluber florulentus
Smith's racer Coluber smithii
Tana herald snake Crotaphopeltis braestrupi
Yellow-flanked snake,
Degen's water snake
Crotaphopeltis degeni
White-lipped snake,
Herald snake
Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia
Tornier's cat snake Crotaphopeltis tornieri
Montane egg-eater Dasypeltis atra
Western forest egg-eater Dasypeltis fasciata
Rufous egg-eater,
East African egg-eater
Dasypeltis medici
Common egg-eater,
Rhombic egg-eater
Dasypeltis scabra
Marbled tree snake Dipsadoboa aulica
Cross-barred tree snake Dipsadoboa flavida
Shreve's tree snake Dipsadoboa shrevei
Gunther's green tree snake Dipsadoboa unicolor
Laurent's green tree snake Dipsadoboa viridis
Black-tailed green tree snake Dipsadoboa weileri
Werner's tree snake Dipsadoboa werneri
Boomslang Dispholidus typus
Striped olympic snake Dromophis lineatus
Slug-eater Duberria lutrix
Mocquard's lesser file snake Gonionotophis brussauxi
Smyth's water snake Grayia smythii
Thollon's water snake Grayia tholloni
Black-lined green snake Hapsidophrys lineata
Emerald snake Hapsidophrys smaragdina
Striped bark snake Hemirhagerrhis kelleri
Bark snake Hemirhagerrhis nototaenia
Yellow forest snake Hormonotus modestus
Brown house snake Lamprophis fuliginosus
Olive house snake Lamprophis olivaceus
Lake Tanganyika water snake Lycodonomorphus bicolor
Whyte's water snake Lycodonomorphus whytei
Mozambique wolf snake Lycophidion acutirostre
Cape wolf snake Lycophidion capense
Flat-snouted wolf snake Lycophidion depressirostre
Western forest wolf snake Lycophidion laterale
Speckled wolf snake Lycophidion meleagre
Forest wolf snake Lycophidion ornatum
Pemba wolf snake Lycophidion pembanum
Taylor's wolf snake Lycophidion taylori
Red-snouted wolf snake Lycophidion uzungwense
Cape file snake Mehelya capensis
Dwarf file snake,
Black file snake
Mehelya nyassae
Forest file snake Mehelya poensis
Small-eyed file snake Mehelya stenophthalmus
Tana Delta smooth snake Meizodon krameri
Black-headed smooth snake Meizodon plumbiceps
Eastern crowned snake Meizodon regularis
Semi-ornate snake Meizodon semiornatus
Olive marsh snake Natriciteres olivacea
Forest marsh snake Natriciteres sylvatica
Pemba marsh snake Natriciteres pembana
Angolan green-snake Philothamnus angolensis
Battersby's green-snake Philothamnus battersbyi
Uganda green-snake Philothamnus bequaerti
Thirteen-scaled green-snake Philothamnus carinatus
Forest green-snake Philothamnus heterodermus
Slender green-snake Philothamnus heterolepidotus
South-eastern green-snake Philothamnus hoplogaster
Hughes' green-snake Philothamnus hughesi
Usambara green-snake Philothamnus macrops
Loveridge's green-snake Philothamnus nitidus
Stripe-backed green-snake Philothamnus ornatus
Speckled green-snake Philothamnus punctatus
Rwanda forest green-snake Philothamnus ruandae
Spotted bush snake,
Spotted wood snake
Philothamnus semivariegatus
Angolan shovel-snout Prosymna ambigua
Speckled shovel-snout Prosymna meleagris
Ornate shovel-snout Prosymna ornatissima
Pitman's shovel-snout Prosymna pitmani
Prince Ruspoli's shovel-snout Prosymna ruspolii
Banded shovel-snout Prosymna semifasciata
East African shovel-snout Prosymna stuhlmanni
Dwarf sand snake Psammophis angolensis
Beautiful sand snake Psammophis pulcher
Olive sand snake,
Hissing sand snake
Psammophis mossambicus
Eastern stripe-bellied sand snake Psammophis orientalis
Lake Rukwa sand snake Psammophis rukwae
Northern stripe-bellied sand snake Psammophis sudanensis
Speckled sand snake Psammophis punctulatus
Link-marked sand snake Psammophis biseriatus
Tanganyika sand snake Psammophis tanganicus
Kenyan striped skaapsteker Psammophylax multisquamis
Southern striped skaapsteker Psammophylax tritaeniatus
Grey-bellied skaapsteker Psammophylax variabilis
Mole snake Pseudaspis cana
Large-eyed green tree snake Rhamnophis aethiopissa
Striped beaked snake Rhamphiophis acutus
Western beaked snake Rhamphiophis oxyrhynchus
Rufous beaked snake Rhamphiophis rostratus
Red-spotted beaked snake Rhamphiophis rubropunctatus
Hook-nosed snake Scaphiophis albopunctatus
Ethiopian hook-nosed snake Scaphiophis raffreyi
Large-eyed snake Telescopus dhara
Tiger snake Telescopus semiannulatus
Savanna vine snake,
Savanna twig snake
Thelotornis capensis
Forest vine snake,
Forest twig snake
Thelotornis kirtlandii
Jackson's tree snake Thrasops jacksoni
African burrowing snakes
Mpwapwa purple-glossed snake Amblyodipsas dimidiata
Ionides' purple-glossed snake Amblyodipsas katangensis
Common purple-glossed snake Amblyodipsas polylepis
Taita Hills purple-glossed snake Amblyodipsas teitana
Western purple-glossed snake Amblyodipsas unicolor
Cape centipede-eater Aparallactus capensis
Black centipede-eater Aparallactus guentheri
Jackson's centipede-eater Aparallactus jacksoni
Plumbeous centipede-eater Aparallactus lunulatus
Western forest centipede-eater Aparallactus modestus
Malindi centipede-eater Aparallactus turneri
Usambara centipede-eater Aparallactus werneri
Slender burrowing asp Atractaspis aterrima
Bibron's burrowing asp Atractaspis bibronii
Engdahl's burrowing asp Atractaspis engdahli
Variable burrowing asp Atractaspis irregularis
Small-scaled burrowing asp Atractaspis microlepidota
Butler's black-and-yellow burrowing snake Chilorhinophis butleri
Gerard's black-and-yellow burrowing snake Chilorhinophis gerardi
Two-coloured snake Micrelaps bicoloratus
Desert black-headed snake Micrelaps boettgeri
Christy's snake-eater Polemon christyi
Fawn-headed snake-eater Polemon collaris
Pale-collared snake-eater Polemon graueri
Yellow-necked snake-eater Polemon fulvicollis
Gabon snake-eater Polemon gabonensis
Cobras, mambas & relatives
Banded water cobra Boulengerina annulata
Boulenger's garter snake Elapsoidea boulengeri
Central African garter snake Elapsoidea laticincta
East African garter snake Elapsoidea loveridgei
Usambara garter snake Elapsoidea nigra
Egyptian cobra Naja haje
Forest cobra Naja melanoleuca
Mozambique spitting cobra Naja mossambica
Black-necked spitting cobra Naja nigricollis
Red spitting cobra Naja pallida
Gold's tree cobra Pseudohaje goldii
Green mamba Dendroaspis angusticeps
Jameson's mamba Dendroaspis jamesoni
Black mamba Dendroaspis polylepis
Sea snakes
Yellow-bellied sea snake Pelamis platurus
Barbour's short-headed viper,
Udzungwa viper
Adenorhinos barbouri
Acuminate bush viper Atheris acuminata
Horned bush viper Atheris ceratophorus
Mt. Kenya bush viper Atheris desaixi
Rough-scaled bush viper Atheris hispida
Great lakes bush viper Atheris nitschei
Mt. Rungwe bush viper Atheris rungweensis
Green bush viper Atheris squamiger
Puff adder Bitis arietans
Gabon viper Bitis gabonica
Rhinoceros viper Bitis nasicornis
Kenya horned viper Bitis worthingtoni
Two-striped night adder Causus bilineatus
Snouted night adder Causus defilippii
Forest night adder Causus lichtensteini
West African night adder Causus maculatus
Velvety-green night adder Causus resimus
Rhombic night adder Causus rhombeatus
North-east African carpet viper,
Saw-scaled viper
Echis pyramidum
Kenya montane viper Montatheris hindii
Floddplain viper Proatheris superciliaris
Worm snakes &
blind snakes
(Infra order)
Blind snakes
Flower-pot blind snake Ramphotyphlops braminus
Zambezi blind snake Rhinotyphlops mucruso
Somali blind snake Rhinotyphlops ataeniatus
Angle-snouted blind snake Rhinotyphlops brevis
Slender blind snake Rhinotyphlops gracilis
Lake Tanganyika blind snake Rhinotyphlops graueri
Worm-like blind snake Rhinotyphlops lumbriciformis
Zanzibar blind snake Rhinotyphlops pallidus
Yellow-striped blind snake Rhinotyphlops unitaeniatus
Angola blind snake Typhlops angolensis
Blotched blind snake Typhlops congestus
Wedge-snouted blind snake Typhlops cuneirostris
Gierras's blind snake Typhlops gierrai
Lineolate blind snake Typhlops lineolatus
Tanga blind snake Typhlops platyrhynchus
Spotted blind snake Typhlops punctatus
Rondo Plateau blind snake Typhlops rondoensis
Tanganyika blind snake Typhlops tanganicus
Uluguru blind snake Typhlops uluguruensis
Usambara blind snake Typhlops usambaricus
Worm snakes
Lamu worm snake Leptotyphlops boulengeri
Drewe's worm snake Leptotyphlops drewesi
Emin Pasha's worm snake Leptotyphlops emini
Long-tailed worm snake Leptotyphlops longicaudus
Large-eyed worm snake Leptotyphlops macrops
Hook-snouted worm snake Leptotyphlops macrorhynchus
Pemba worm snake Leptotyphlops pembae
Peter's worm snake Leptotyphlops scutifrons
Slender-snouted crocodile Crocodylus cataphractus
Nile crocodile Crocodylus niloticus
Dwarf crocodile,
Broad-fronted crocodile
Osteolaemus tetraspis

Agama agama – Red-headed rock agama.

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