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Dwarf mongoose.
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If you want to bring a short species list on your safari, you may download and print our quick guide, which contains species lists for mammals and birds, plus general information on safari-going.
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There are good books in English covering the East African wildlife. There are books on mammals, birds, reptiles etc.
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Wildlife & nature:
List: Mammals of East Africa
The species list below contains the most common East African mammals, i.e. the mammals you may see during a normal safari in Kenya or Tanzania. All species listed may not be found in all parks, but if you visit a few different good parks, you have a good chance seeing most of them.

All mammals in Kenya and Tanzania
For a complete list of mammal species found in East Africa, see Species list: All mammals.

All mammals in Africa
For a list of all mammals in Africa, download this rtf file.


Ke: Kenya
Tz: Tanzania
Rare: You need good luck to see this species.
Nocturnal Active at night, usually not seen in daytime.
lion The most common cat
serval cat  
wild cat Nocturnal
caracal Rare
Dogs and allies
black-backed jackal, silver-backed jackal The most common jackal
golden jackal  
side-striped jackal Nocturnal
wild dog, hunting dog S Tz, rare elsewhere
bat-eared fox  
spotted hyaena  

Mongoose & genets

banded mongoose  
dwarf mongoose  
marsh mongoose Rare, seen by water
slender mongoose  
white-tailed mongoose Nocturnal
common genet, small-spotted genet Nocturnal
ratel, honey badger Nocturnal
African clawless otter Rare, seen by water

Ungulates – hoofed mammals

Proboscids – elephants
African elephant  
yellow-spotted bush hyrax The most common hyrax
black-necked rock hyrax  
aardvark, ant bear Nocturnal
Odd-toed ungulates
common zebra  
Grevy's zebra  N Ke
black rhino Ngorongoro in Tz and Lake Nakuru in Ke, rare elsewhere
white rhino Lake Nakuru in Ke, rare elsewhere
Even-toed ungulates
masai giraffe Tz and S Ke
reticulated giraffe N Ke
Rotschild's giraffe Lake Nakuru in Ke
African buffalo  
beisa oryx N Ke
fringe-eared oryx NETz and SE Ke
Bohor reedbuck  
common waterbuck  
Defassa waterbuck  
kongoni, hartebeest  
roan antelope S Tz
sable antelope S Tz, Shimba Hills in Ke
bongo Aberdares and Mt Kenya in Ke
greater kudu S Tz, Lake Bogoria in Ke
lesser kudu E and C Ke and Tz
Kirk's dikdik  
steinbuck, steenbok S Ke, N Tz
gerenuk N and E Ke, NETz
Grantís gazelle  
Thomson's gazelle  

Primates – monkeys etc

Prosimians (primitive primates)
bushbaby Nocturnal
blue monkey  
vervet monkey  
olive baboon Mainly N Tz and SW Ke
yellow baboon Where olive baboon is not present
Angola black-and-white colobus The coast
eastern black-and white colobus Highlands and W Ke
Zanzibar red colobus Zanzibar

Small mammals

bush squirrel  
ground squirrel  
Cape hare  
spring hare Nocturnal
crested porcupine Nocturnal

The list above is based on knowledge and several sources, of which the most important one is The Kingdon field guide to African Mammals by Jonathan Kingdon, the best modern book on African mammals; if you are seriously interested in mammal wildlife you should bring a copy on your safari.

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