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Hypolimnas misippus – Common diadem, Mimic or Danaid eggfly.
Wildlife & nature:
List: Butterflies of East Africa
The species list below contains the names of some of the most common butterflies in East Africa.
Scientific name English name
Amauris niavius Friar
Antanartia abyssinica, Vanessa abyssinica Abyssinian admiral
Appias epaphra  
Aterica galere  
Belenois creona African common white, African caper
Belenois gidica African veined white
Belenois thysa False dotted border
Belenois aurota Brown-veined white
Charaxes achaemenes Bushveld charaxes
Charaxes acuminatus Mountain pearl charaxes
Charaxes bipunctatus Two spot charaxes
Charaxes bohemani Large blue charaxes
Charaxes brutus White-barred charaxes
Charaxes candiope Foxy charaxes,
Green-veined charaxes
Charaxes cynthia  
Charaxes etheocles Demon charaxes
Charaxes fulvescens Forest pearl charaxes
Charaxes numenes  
Charaxes pollux Black bordered charaxes 
Charaxes protoclea Flame bordered charaxes
Charaxes tiridates  
Charaxes violetta Violet spotted charaxes
Charaxes xiphares Forest king charaxes
Colotis aurigineus African golden arab, Veined gold,
Double-banded orange
Colotis auxo Yellow orange tip
Colotis celimere Lilac tip,
Magenta tip
Colotis danae Scarlet tip
Colotis eris Gold tip
Colotis euippe Round winged orange tip
Colotis ione Purple tip
Colotis regina Queen purple tip
Danaus chrysippus African monarch,
Plain tiger
Eronia cleodora Vine-leaf vagrant
Eronia leda Autumn leaf vagrant
Euphaedra castanoides  
Euphaedra neophron Gold-banded forester
Euptera kinugnana  
Eurema brigitta Broad bordered yellow
Eurema floricola Malagasy grass yellow
Euxanthe tiberius Dark queen
Euxanthe wakefieldi Forest queen
Graphium antheus Large striped swordtail
Graphium colonna Black swordtail
Graphium kirbyi Kirby's swordtail
Graphium leonidas Veined swordtail
Graphium policenes Small striped swordtail
Graphium porthaon Cream striped swordtail
Hamanumida daedalus Guinea fowl
Hypolimnas deceptor Deceptive eggfly
Hypolimnas misippus Common diadem,
Danaid eggfly
Junonia oenone Blue pansy,
Blue-spotted pansy
Junonia tugela  
Mylothris agathina Dotted border
Papilio bromius chrapkowskii Broad green-banded swallowtail
Papilio constantinus Constantine's swallowtail
Papilio dardanus Mocker swallowtail
Papilio demodacus Citrus swallowtail,
Orchard swallowtail
Papilio desmondi Desmond's swallowtail
Papilio echerioides White banded swallowtail
Papilio hornimani Horniman's swallowtail
Papilio nireus Narrow green banded swallowtail
Papilio nobilis Noble swallowtail
Papilio ophidicephalus Emperor swallowtail
Papilio phorcas Green banded swallowtail
Pieris argia  
Pieris talassina  
Vanessa cardui Painted lady

Belenois aurota – Brown-veined white.

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