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5 paws. Luxury.
4 paws. Very good standard.
3 paws. Good standard. Swimming pool and air conditioning (or otherwise very good standard and location).
2 paws. Basic standard. Fans or similar in rooms. Private bathroom. No swimming pool.
1 paw. Simple. A roof above your head.
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The coast:
Mombasa hotels
The coast of Kenya is some 700 km/430 mi long. The most popular areas for beach holidays are found south and north of Mombasa, around Malindi and on Lamu Island. Hotels and beach resorts range from basic to luxurious.

Much of the coastline is sheltered by coral reefs, and there are white beaches and good sites for snorkelling and diving. The Indian Ocean offers good deep-sea fishing opportunities.

If you don't combine your beach holiday with a full safari, there are a number of parks close to the coast where you may go for day tours or shorter safaris, including good parks such as Tsavo and Amboseli.

More about the Kenyan coast

Map of south-east Kenya.Mida CreekMkomazi National Park (Tanzania) Shimba Hills National Reserve Tsavo East & West National Park Amboseli National Reserve Amboseli National ReserveChyulu Hills National ParkNgai Ndethya National ReserveSouth Kitui National ReserveTsavo East & West National ParkTaita Hills Game SanctuaryShimba Hills National ReserveMombasa Marine ReserveMalindi & Watamu Biosphere ReserveArabuko Sokoke National ParkKilimanjaro National Park (Tanzania)Lamu IslandBoni, Dodori & Kiunga Marine National ReserveArawale National ReserveTana River Primate National ReserveMoi International Airport (MBA/HKMO)

The Mombasa coast
Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa.
Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa
Area: Diani Beach
A very good hotel offering many activities, including a spa and an 18-hole golf course.
Leopard Beach Resort.
Leopard Beach Resort
Area: Diani Beach
A very good beach resort. There is a big watersport centre, and an 18-hole golf course close to the hotel.
Neptune Paradise Village Resort.
Neptune Paradise Village Resort
Area: Diani Beach
A midrange beach hotel. It has a good beach facing the Indian Ocean, four swimming pools, kids' club, watersport centre etc. Not very far from an 18-hole golf course.
Pinewood Village Beach Resort.
Pinewood Village Beach Resort
Area: Galu Beach
A midrange beach hotel with a personal atmosphere. Swimming pool and a watersport centre offering diving, snorkelling and fishing in Wasini, Kisite, Chale, Funzi and Shimoni.
Area: North of Mombasa

A big resort on a long and good beach. A number of swimming pools and good snorkelling and diving around the reef in the marine reserve off the hotel beach.

Mombasa Serena Beach Hotel.
Mombasa Serena Beach Hotel
Area: North of Mombasa
A very good hotel on the beach inside Mombasa Marine National Park. It has three restaurants and several bars, a watersport centre, golf and outings.
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