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Blue monkey.
  Gombe Stream NP
Size: 52 km2/20 sq mi.
Wildlife: Monkeys and chimpanzees.
Getting there: By air from Arusha or Dar es Salaam to Kigoma, then by boat to Gombe.
Tanzania map
Tanzania map.
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Gombe Stream National Park
By Tanapa.
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Gombe Stream National Park
Gombe Stream National Park is the smallest national park in Tanzania. It's situated on the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika, which marks the border between Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The park is covered by woodland (in the drier parts) and forest (in the wetter parts), and has a series of steep valleys leading streams from the inland plateau down towards the lake.

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Chimpanzees and Jane Goodall
The natural population of chimpanzees is the main attraction of Gombe, and this is the place where Jane Goodall, famous for her research on chimpanzees, did most of her fieldwork. Some of the Gombe chimpanzees have also featured in a series of nature documentaries shown on television.

Gombe also has other primates, and is a good park to see monkeys not found in the savanna parks of northern or southern Tanzania. Red-tailed monkey, blue monkey and red colobus may be seen in the forests, while black-faced vervet monkeys and baboons, like the chimpanzees, are found both in forests and in less densely vegetated and drier areas.

Apart from the monkeys and apes, the park doesn't have a very rich wildlife. You may see bush pigs and bushbucks, and some interesting bird species. It's still a good park for experiencing the African nature, as you visit the area on foot.

Lodges and camps
Besides the lodge below, there are basic bandas by the lake further south in the park.

Gombe Forest Lodge (also referred to as Gombe Tented Camp) is a small tented lodge set on the shore of Lake Tanganyika in Gombe, offering good quality. It has six tents with ensuite bathrooms and verandas facing the lake and the sunset. The main activity is chimpanzee tracking. Forest walks and visits to local villages are also offered, and the location is fine for relaxing, swimming and snorkelling.

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