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Zanzibar beach and ocean.
  Safari photography
What kind of camera do you need?
Most safari-goers bring some kind of camera for their safari, varying from disposable cameras to modern digital single lens reflex cameras with huge tele lenses. Some visitors take a few pictures only, while others take thousands.
We recommend that you bring a camera that you know how to use, and that corresponds to your interest in photography. That is, if you own a camera and are happy with it, don't get yourself a new one.
But if you have been thinking of getting a new one, this may be a good time.
If you usually don't bring a camera on holidays, you don't have to bring one just because you're going on a safari. If you want some nice pictures, you may buy a nice book to bring home.
Regardless of what kind of camera you bring, you will get many good picture opportunities on your tour to East Africa. This page shows amateur pictures from Zanzibar, shot using a small 3X digital camera.
More about cameras
Taking pictures of people
Avoid taking pictures of people without first asking for their permission, or you may cause offence. Many Maasai will ask you to pay for taking pictures.
Zanzibar gallery
This gallery shows pictures from Zanzibar Island off the mainland coast of Tanzania. Zanzibar, famed for its spice plantations and former slave trade, is a popular destination for beach holidays. Many safari-goers combine a safari and a visit to Zanzibar.

Click the miniatures below to show the pictures full-size in a new browser window.

A beach hotel – Zanzibar Beach Hotel & Resort. Coconut palm.
The beach. In the shade – Tamarind Beach Hotel.
Quiet beach on Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel. Swimming pool, beach and palms.
Basic living in Kendwa Rocks bungalows. Bungalow.
Dive boat preparing for a tour to Mnemba Island, seen in the background. Scuba diving.
Cool and spacious hotel room at Matemwe Bungalows. Shadow from a coconut palm.
Hotel by night. Marine life.
Secluded, empry beach. Beach by Bluebay Beach Resort,.
Papaya. Pool area at Ocean Paradise Hotel.
Hotel garden in Paje. Matemwe by dusk.
Eternity pool at quiet and cosy Shooting Star Lodge. Beach in northern Zanzibar.
Beach view. Zanzibar outing.
Bathroom decoration. The fortress in Stone Town.
View from the famous roof terrace at Emerson & Green. Souvenir shop in Stone Town.
Bungalow garden. Zanzibari styled Dhow Palace Hotel in Stone Town.
Moonlit ocean. Outside the room at Shooting Star Lodge.
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