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Safari guide Henrik Hult.
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Safari Patrol:
Launch of Safari Patrol
September 2008
And so it's finally time to go online. Safari Patrol has been an interesting idea for a couple of years, and an active project since last September. Now it's a new web site.

Safari Patrol on is an international adaptation and continuation of, a Scandinavian safari web site that has been online since 1998 and today is Scandinavia's most comprehensive web site on safaris in Africa.

Facts on safaris
Like, Safari Patrol offers facts on safaris in Kenya and Tanzania for safari-goers bound for these countries, as well as for others interested in safaris in East Africa or in the African nature and wildlife. There is also basic information on other safari countries of interest, for example South Africa and Botswana.

Now that the site is online, work will pass on to extending basic information into in-depth, and to adding more facts, tips and pictures. In time, Safari Patrol will cover the safari areas of southern Africa as thoroughly as those in Kenya and Tanzania.

Professional safari guide Henrik Hult in Serengeti, Tanzania.
Safari guide Henrik Hult
on new Safari Patrol
We like safaris
We who contribute to Safari Patrol all have a professional background in the safari industry, and a keen interest in safaris and experiencing the African bush and wildlife. In brief, we like safaris and we've done it a lot. We hope that we will be successful in bringing you a site that answers your questions, provides the information that you are looking for, and maybe even inspires you towards visiting Africa.

Having completed the first phase of this web site project feels really fine. Now it's back to work, to add new facts, features and other content to Safari Patrol.

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