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Tarangire Sopa Lodge.
  Tarangire Sopa Lodge
Getting there
Tarangire is situated 1.5 hours' drive from Arusha (or 120 km/75 mi), mainly on tarmac road. The last few km/mi are on poor dirt road.
The drive from the park entrance to the lodge in the eastern parts of the park is 1–2 hours, depending on road conditions.
The closest airstrip is Kuro airstrip some 20 km/12 mi away.
Tarangire map
Tarangire map.
Tanzania map
Tanzania map.
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Tarangire Sopa Lodge
Tarangire National Park
Tarangire Sopa Lodge is a large lodge offering good standard in north-eastern Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, east of the Tarangire River and not very far from Tarangire Hill.

The lodge has 70 spacious rooms (in buildings of four rooms each) with two queen size beds, mosquito nets, bathroom with WC, washbasin, shower and bidet, and a balcony. A large swimming pool area faces the bush and a rocky creek area that should be of interest to for example birders.

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The communal areas and facilities, such as restaurants, bars and reception, are very spacious. There is also a shop and conference facilities, and large terraces outside the bar facing the bush. Because of much vegetation, you don't have a very good view for game watching, though.

The standard and the rooms are good, but there is no true safari atmosphere. The design concepts, interiors and staff routines make Sopa Lodge a hotel rather than a bush lodge.

Animals and safari activities
Tarangire Sopa Lodge has a good location for game drives further south in the Tarangire National Park, where not very many visitors go. For example, the vast marshes that feed the Tarangire River are not very far from the lodge.

The Tarangire River itself, situated to the west of the lodge, is also an interesting area to search for wildlife, especially during dry seasons, when many animals congregate along the river.

Tarangire Sopa Lodge is situated in an area of black cotton soil, which may turn bush roads very difficult to drive in heavy rains and during wet seasons. You may encounter tsetse flies in this area.

Room in Tarangire Sopa Lodge.

The pool area in Tarangire Sopa Lodge.

More about Tarangire
The Tarangire River, which flows from south to north through the park, and the marshes in south-eastern Tarangire are the only permanent sources of water in the park during the dry seasons.

Animal congregations
During the driest time of year, from June to October, animals of many different kinds congregate along the river to have access to drinking water. This is the best time to visit the park. You may see large herds of wildebeest and zebras, giraffes, different antelope species, buffalo herds, huge troops of baboons etc. This is also the best time to see the elephants. Tarangire has a population of some 3,000 elephants, and they can be seen in large numbers along and around the river during dry seasons.

Cats, elephants and birds
After the 'short rains' in November, the animals disperse over wider areas, as drinking water gets more widely available. Tarangire has a lot of animals and species, though, and may be visited also during other parts of the year. Lions and leopards are seen regularly, as are the elephants, and for birdwatchers, visiting Tarangire is a must; it's a very good park for birding, and to some extent has other species than the other parks on the northern safari circuit of Tanzania.

The eastern parts of Tarangire, and the areas east of the park, have black cotton soil, which may turn roads inaccessible during heavy rains.

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