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Ndutu Safari Lodge.
  Ndutu Safari Lodge
Getting there
Ndutu Safari Lodge is situated on the western border of Ngorongoro Conservation Area, next to Serengeti, about six hours' drive from Arusha. The first 2.5 hours are on good to very good tarmac, the rest on poor dirt road.
Seronera in central Serengeti is a 2-hour drive on poor roads from the lodge.
There is an airstrip close to the lodge, but no scheduled flights operate it; you need to charter a plane.
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Serengeti map.
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Ndutu Safari Lodge
Ngorongoro Conservation Area/Serengeti National Park
Ndutu Safari Lodge is a medium sized lodge just outside the south-eastern border of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. It's set in the woodland surrounding Lake Ndutu and Lake Masek in the vast short-grass plains of southern Serengeti and western Ngorongoro Conservation Area. These plains are prime game driving areas from December to March, when the migration occupies the plains. The Ndutu area is also generally good for cats. Map of Africa Namibia Botswana South Africa Zambia Mozambique Malawi Rwanda Tanzania Kenya Uganda
The lodge is actually set in the west-most part of Ngorongoro Conservation Area, but we are listing it as a Serengeti lodge, as it's situated much better for game driving the Serengeti Plains than for visiting the Ngorongoro Crater and the other main attractions of Ngorongoro.
Facing the savanna
Ndutu Safari Lodge has some 30 rooms in stone bungalows. Most rooms are doubles or twins, but there are also a few family rooms sleeping four. All rooms have private bathroom and face the savanna and Lake Ndutu. They don't offer much safari style, but feel very fresh and clean.

The lodge has a main building housing a restaurant, a bar and a souvenir shop. All rooms have wall outlets (220–240 V) for charging cameras etc.

Close to the bush
The setting is very close to the bush; the savanna starts a stone's throw from the buildings, and the lodge isn't fenced. Animals may enter the lodge area, but there are watchmen to keep you safe, and to escort you when walking to and from your room at night.

Genets, a kind of cat-sized carnivore feeding mainly on insects and other tiny animals, are often seen around the lodge after dark. They appear in the restaurants most nights for dinner.

Originally a tented amp
Ndutu Safari Logde was originally a tented camp, built on the same site some 40 years ago. It has remained its bush atmosphere also after the tents were replaced by bungalows.

More about Lake Ndutu
Lake Ndutu is situated in areas where the large migrating herds of wildebeest and zebras are often be seen from December to March. (February is normally the wildebeest calving season.) The surrounding plains are also good areas for gazelles, which may be seen in vast numbers. The savanna woodland around the lakes is a good habitat for giraffes, impalas, dikdiks and other herbivores.

Nocturnal genet in the lodge restaurant.

Room at Ndutu Safari Lodge.

Bathroom at Ndutu Safari Lodge.

Big cats
You have good chances seeing the African big cats in the area: lions, leopards and cheetahs. Also small cats such as servals, caracals and African wild cats are regularly seen. The lodge staff has been around for a long time, and has much experience in where to find the cats. Ask them.

Lake Ndutu is a soda lake and attracts flamingos. Depending on season and water level, you may see only a few or vast numbers of them.

Bush walks
Ndutu Safari Lodge is situated in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, where walks are allowed (which they are not on the Serengeti side of the park border). This means you may hire a ranger from the nearby ranger post for escort, and do walks in the area.

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