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Flamingo Hill Tented Camp.
  Flamingo Hill Tented Camp
Getting there
Flamingo Hill Tented Camp is some three hours on fairly good roads from Nairobi.
Flying from Nairobi to Nakuru is 30 minutes, plus another 10 minutes for a transfer to the lodge.
Lake Nakuru map
Lake Nakuru map.
Kenya map
Kenya map.
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Flamingo Hill Tented Camp
Lake Nakuru National Park
Flamingo Hill Tented Camp is a fairly new tourist class tented camp in Lake Nakuru National Park in the south-western part of central Kenya. It is set by Honeymoon Hill in the northmost part of the park, not far from the main park gate and close to Nakuru Town.

The camp has 25 furnished safari tents. All have ensuite bathroom, 240 V outlets (for British 3-pin plugs with rectangular pins), beds with mosquito nets and private veranda. There is also a restaurant, a bar and lounge, a gift shop, conference facilities and massage.

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Lacking safari atmosphere
Flamingo Hill Tented Camp should have been a welcome addition to the small choice of camps/lodges within Lake Nakuru National Park. Unfortunately, the camp has drawbacks that prevent us from recommending it to anyone who expects safari atmosphere.

The location and camp layout are not good. Power-lines and pylons criss-cross the surroundings, and even cross above part of the camp grounds. Nightlife sounds from Nakuru Town can be heard.

The tents are placed too close to each other, and quite a few of them face and have views of staff quarters or similar, half-heartedly concealed behind a fence. The best views are from the camp garden, from where an area of open grassland and even some animals may be seen; but this part of the camp has been set aside for lawns and hedges, instead of for tents. The garden still has some years to become lush and welcoming.

When we visited in November 2008, we had little hot water for showers in the evening, and had problems making the tent toilet work. The camp staff was, without exception, very sweet and attentive, though.

Tents in Flamingo Hill Tented Camp.

Tent interior in Flamingo Hill Tented Camp.

Tent in Flamingo Hill Tented Camp.

Flamingos in Lake Nakuru.

More about Lake Nakuru
Lake Nakuru National Park is one of few fenced parks in Kenya. It has a special status as a rhino sanctuary, and the fencing is part of the efforts to protect the rhinos from poaching. Both black and white rhinos (also known as browse and grass rhinos respectively) can be seen, even though the white rhinos are seen more frequently, as they prefer open land and are easier to find.

Lake Nakuru, fully encompassed by the park, is a soda lake, where flamingos in huge numbers come to feed. The numbers may vary from time to time, but up to a few million flamingos have been seen. Both greater and lesser flamingo, which are two different species, are found in the lake. The flamingos are originally white, but may get a pink tint from the small crustaceans they feed on.

The national park also has populations of leopards and lions, antelopes, giraffes, buffalos, monkeys etc. You can't see the Big Five, though, as there are no elephants.

The giraffes are Rothschild giraffes, which until recently has been considered a giraffe subspecies. Modern studies indicate that it may be a full species. If so, it's seriously threatened, as populations of Rothschild giraffes remain in only a few small areas.

Wildlife seasons
Lake Nakuru National Park offers good game viewing all year round, but you may want to avoid April and May, which are usually wet and rainy. Most of the dirt roads in the park are quite good.

Wildlife around the lodge
The garden of Flamingo Hill Tented Camp faces open grassland, where you may see grazing wildlife.

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