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Sweetwaters Tented Camp.
  Sweetwaters Tented Camp
Getting there
Sweetwaters Tented Camp is a 3-hour drive north of Nairobi. Aberdare National Park and Mount Kenya National Park are not very far away.
The closest airstrip is found in Nanyuki, 20 km/12 mi from Sweetwaters.
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Sweetwaters Tented Camp
Ol Pejeta, Laikipia Plateau
Sweetwaters Tented Camp is a good permanent tented camp on the Laikipia Plateau between Mount Kenya and the Aberdares in central Kenya. It's set in Sweetwaters, the original part of Ol Pejeta Conservancy, and has some 40 tents.

Each tent sleeps two persons and has a private bathroom and a veranda facing the camp's waterhole, where animals of different types come to drink.

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There is also a restaurant serving five-course dinners, bars, a gift shop and a swimming pool. The camp has Internet and conference facilities.

The activities in Ol Pejeta are centred around the wildlife, and include traditional game driving in safari vehicles, bush walks, bird watching and night game drives. There is also horse riding and camel rides.

More about Ol Pejeta
Ol Pejeta is a privately owned savanna conservancy, 365 km2/140 sq mi in size. It is a Big Five reserve, which means that elephants, rhinos, African buffalos, lions and leopards can be found in it. The black rhinos (also known as browse rhinos) were originally introduced in the park in a conservation effort, and today some 80 rhinos live in Sweetwaters.

The African wild dog, which is another rare and threatened species, has been observed now and then in later years. Other species found are reticulated giraffe, common zebra, a small population of Grevy's zebra, different kinds of antelopes, cheetah and baboon.

Giraffes and zebras.

Black rhiniceros, aka browse rhinoceros.

As Ol Pejeta is a private reserve, it's not subjected to the rules that regulate the activities allowed in national parks and national reserves. Therefore, Ol Pejeta can offer activities such as night game drives and bush walks.

Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary
The conservancy also has a 1 km2/0.4 sq mi sanctuary for chimpanzees, which is home to some 40 individuals. These apes are not part of the natural fauna of this area, but have been rescued from other areas and brought to Sweetwaters.

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