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Satao Camp.
  Satao Camp
Getting there
Satao Camp is a 5-hour drive from Nairobi, or a 3-hour drive from Mombasa. Most of the road is tarmac, followed by dirt road once you enter the park.
An airstrip is located a 30-minute drive from the camp.
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Tsavo map.
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Satao Camp
Tsavo National Park
Satao Camp is a tourist class tented camp in Tsavo East National Park in southern Kenya. It is a permanent tented camp, which means that the tents are supported/surrounded by permanently built structures, such as roofs and verandas. The camp is set right in the middle of the bush, and staying in these tents, hearing and feeling the wilderness on the outside of the canvas, is a great safari experience.

The 20 tents, each one sleeping two persons, are spacious and furnished in safari style. They all have a private bathroom and a veranda.

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A waterhole not far from the tent attracts many elephants, but also other species, including antelopes, African buffalos and other herbivores. Sometimes also leopards or lions are seen.

Next to the waterhole is an observation tower, where you may enjoy the wildlife while relaxing in the shade. Waterbucks and impalas are often seen within the camp area.

Lunches at Satao Camp are served beneath a 200 years old tamarind tree, while a campfire is lit for sundowners. There is a restaurant for dinners. The camp also has its own jeeps, minibuses and guides for game drives in the park.

Disabled safari-goers
Satao Camp is one of the very few camps and lodges in East Africa that have adaptations for guests in wheelchairs. Both the camp and some of its safari vehicles have been rebuilt to welcome wheelchairs and their owners.

More about Tsavo
Tsavo East is a huge park that is part of an even larger cluster of parks, combining into an eco system of many different habitats for the wildlife. There are mountains, rivers, forests, plains, bushlands etc. The park was originally forested to a higher extent than today, but has gradually been opened up by the many feeding elephants.

A tent in Satao Camp.

Elephants around camp at night.

Safari minibus rebuilt for wheelchair access.

Impalas around camp.

Classic safari wildlife
The wildlife in Tsavo includes most of the classic African safari animals, for example giraffes, elephants, zebras and lions. Fierce poaching during the second half of the 1900's heavily decimated the populations of elephants and rhinoceros, but huge herds of elephants can still be seen. Most of the remaining rhinos have been translocated to special rhino sanctuaries, established to protect the animals and to re-build the population.

Tsavo East also has some species, for example kudu and oryx, that are not found in some of the other major Kenyan parks, such as Masai Mara. Herds of several hundred elephants may be seen occasionally, and herds of up to a thousand African buffalos. The bird list of the park includes about 500 species.

A tent veranda at dusk.

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