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Sarova Lion Hill Lodge.
  Sarova Lion Hill Lodge
Getting there
Sarova Lion Hill Lodge is some three hours on fairly good roads from Nairobi.
Flying from Nairobi to Nakuru is 30 minutes, plus another 30 minutes for a transfer to the lodge.
Lake Nakuru map
Lake Nakuru map.
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Kenya map.
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Sarova Lion Hill Lodge
Lake Nakuru National Park
Sarova Lion Hill Lodge is a tourist class lodge in Lake Nakuru National Park in the south-western part of central Kenya. The lodge is set on the mountainside east of the soda lake Lake Nakuru in the park. The lodge is surrounded by forest and is overlooking the lake. It was originally a tented camp, pitched on a hill that was a lion haunt. The tents were later replaced by bungalows.

Sarova Lion Hill Lodge now has some 60 bungalows. The rooms have private bathrooms and face the lake. There are also some suites.

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The lodge has a restaurant with tables both indoors and outdoors, a bar, a swimming pool, a sauna and conference facilities for groups of up to 80 people. The lodge area is surrounded by an electric fence.
The lodge offers game drives in the park. This is of interest mainly to guests arriving by air; if you arrive by road, you will probably do game drives in your own vehicle.

More about Lake Nakuru
Lake Nakuru National Park is one of few fenced parks in Kenya. It has a special status as a rhino sanctuary, and the fencing is part of the efforts to protect the rhinos from poaching. Both black and white rhinos (also known as browse and grass rhinos respectively) can be seen, even though the white rhinos are seen more frequently, as they prefer open land and are easier to find.

Lake Nakuru, fully encompassed by the park, is a soda lake, where flamingos in huge numbers come to feed. The numbers may vary from time to time, but up to a few million flamingos have been seen. Both greater and lesser flamingo, which are two different species, are found in the lake. The flamingos are originally white, but may get a pink tint from the small crustaceans they feed on.

Flamingos taking off from Lake Nakuru.

Rooms at Sarova Lion Hill Lodge.

Leopard on a fallen tree.

The national park also has populations of leopards and lions, antelopes, giraffes, buffalos, monkeys etc. You can't see the Big Five, though, as there are no elephants. The giraffes are Rothschild giraffes, which until recently has been considered a giraffe subspecies. Modern studies indicate that it may be a full species. If so, it's seriously threatened, as populations of Rothschild giraffes remain in only a few small areas.

Wildlife seasons
Lake Nakuru National Park offers good game viewing all year round, but you may want to avoid April and May, which are usually wet and rainy. Most of the dirt roads in the park are quite good.

Wildlife around the lodge
Sarova Lion Hill Lodge is fenced, so you can't expect much wildlife within the lodge area. You may see monkeys and dikdiks, and of course birds.

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