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Oliver's Camp.
  Oliver's Camp
Getting there
Oliver's Camp is located 3–4 hours' drive from Arusha, the first 1.5 hours on tarmac road, followed by poor dirt road in or just outside Tarangire National Park.
The camp is situated a 45-minute drive from Kuro airstrip in Tarangire. The airstrip isn't serviced by scheduled flights, so you need to charter a plane. As it's just a 30-minute flight from Arusha, chartering won't turn out too expensive.
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Oliver's Camp
Tarangire National Park
Oliver's Camp is a small and exclusive tented camp in eastern Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, situated further south and more centrally in the park than most other camps and lodges. The location is good for following the seasonal migrations, seeing the animal congregations along rivers and around waterholes, and visiting the marshes in south-east. These marshes and the Tarangire River, flowing from south to north through the park, provide water to the wildlife during the dry seasons, when little surface water can be found elsewhere in the bush. Map of Africa Namibia Botswana South Africa Zambia Mozambique Malawi Rwanda Tanzania Kenya Uganda
When opened in 1992, the camp was located just outside the park border, but was moved inside in 2001, into an area with a splendid wildlife during the dry season from June to October.

Tent in Oliver's Camp.

Secluded safari atmosphere
Oliver's Camp has a secluded location, and is set in the middle of the bush. It's also one of very few camps and lodges in Tanzania that are permitted to arrange bush walks within the borders of a national park.

The camp also has a unique permit to do game drives off-road in remote areas of Tarangire (off-road driving is prohibited in most parks). This way, you may access areas where no other safari-goers come. The drives are carried out in open vehicles.

The camp has eight tents for guests. The tents are large (11x3,7 m/36x12 ft) and have a veranda, a sleeping part and a bathroom part. They are a mix of twins (they have two single beds), triples (three single beds) and doubles (a double bed plus a single bed), and are furnished in classic safari style.

Other facilities in the camp are the library, lounge and restaurant tents. The outdoor fireplace facing the bush is the obvious place to meet in the evenings.

Savanna around Oliver's Camp.

Bush walks
Oliver's Camp also has small mobile camps that can be pitched out in the bush, and its own vehicles for game drives. Some are open vehicles, rarely used in Tanzania and Kenya, but more common in southern Africa. You can also do guided bush walks, ranging from an hour or two up to several days. The camp is known to have good and experienced guides.

Oliver's Camp is open during the dry season, from June to November, when wildlife conditions in Tarangire are good. Large herds of wildbeest and zebras come to the park during this season, usually arriving in July, and as the waterholes in the bush dry out, more and more animals of many species congregate along the Tarangire River. The elephant viewing in Tarangire can be spectacular during the end of the dry season in September and October.

The animals disperse after the short rains in November, and some of them leave the park.

Oliver's Camp.

Oliver's Camp is a small camp, offering a comfortable and classy stay even though the bush is just a few steps away. It has a true safari atmosphere, thanks to the secluded location, the tents and furnishing, and the special activities in form of walks and off-road game driving in open vehicles.

Overall, Tarangire has few visitors for its good size, and they are even fewer in the areas around Oliver's Camp.

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